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[PXL] Sophia LightTan AD

SOPHIA comes in 8 gorgeous  skintones. Each skintone has 15 different lipstick options, which are embedded into the skin. There are tons eye mak-ups on tattoo layers, as well brow, cleavage and freckle options too!
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FAITH comes in 6 tones, with 1 skin base, many options and lipsticks and eye makups on tattoo layers.
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KATE comes in 6 tones, with 1 skin base, many options and lipsticks and eye makups on tattoo layers.
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GAIA comes in 6 tones, with 3 skin base, many options and lipsticks and eye makups on tattoo layers.
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:: LINDA g3

Linda G3 comes in 6 tones:

Pale, Natural, SunKissed, LightTan, Tan & Dark

– Each tone comes with 15 lip colors
– 15 options for eye makeup tattoos
– Each skin comes with cleavage and hairbase options
– 3 different EyeBrows colors (light, Medium & Dark)
– A full body tattoo with freckles is also available


Kasumi is an exotic skin, a mix of japanese and afro/american, that give a special exotic aspect.

Kasumi comes in 6 tones: Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan, Tan and Dark.

The skin line using a new way to sell and customize it:

  • there are 16 skin base with different lipsticks colors.
  • Every skin base contain 2 hairbase options plus a bald version, a cleavage option and an hair attachment
  • On tattoo layers there are 16 eyes makeups that you can combine with the skin base (lipstick) you want.

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The skin line comes in 4 tones: Pale, Natural, Sunkissed and LightTan.

Every skin tone have 27 makeups.
Each makeup have freckles, 3 eyebrows colors and pushup option on tatoo layer 2.x.


Candy is available in 5 skin tones: Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Tan

27 makeups for each tone

Every makeups come with:

3 eyebrows color: light, medium, dark
freckles option
2 cleavage options on layer  (undershirt and tatoo layer for 2.0 viewers)


PXL Creations skins are known for classical beauty and elegance. July is the newest generation in that tradition of sophisticated beauty and sensual elegance. Natural highlights and shadows that outline her feminine shape, revealing a soft, tender skin that is invites the touch. Careful attention to tone and color brings natural skin tones for every taste. Every element from the makeup to the eyebrow colors are modulated to match the skin tone, so that the rose lipstick on the natural tone is not identitical to the rose lipstick on the dark tone, but instead is calibrated to complement the skin color perfectly. Lovely imperfections such as small moles on the back and belly add to the realism and beauty of the skin.  The delicate shading of the eyes allows you to look great even without false lashes.

The skins comes in 5 tones.
8 Lips color
5 Eye Makeups
Freckles option
3 Eyebrows color (Light, Medium, Dark)
2 Clavage Options

:: KIM

The skin line is composed by 4 skin tones: Natural, SunKissed, LightTan and Tan.

While the natural tone comes with 4 eyebrows colors (red, blonde, brown and black) the other 3 tones have 3 eyebrows combination (blonde/lightBrown, Brown and Black).

Each skins has bald and painted hair option plus a cute hair addon that can be used to complete the painted hair version.

The Tan tone has instead of the blonde hair a razored version with light brown eyebrows option.

The skins comes without pubic hair but with 3 pubic hair layers option in all colours that mathing the hair/eyebrows color.

Every tone has 32 base makeups (4 eyes makeup * 8 lips colors) for a total of 128 combination for the Natural tone or 96 for the sunkissed, LightTan and Tan.

:: Grace

Grace.. … aaaah… she’s a darling… the girl next door. Fun, friendly, extrovert and just a bit of a tease. Grace conquers you with her bubbly personality… and of course with her stunning looks!

Grace Skin line is available in 5 skin tones, each tone has 7 lipstick colors and 4 EyeMakeups. Grace also comes in a full body freckled version and has blond, brown and black eyebrows for every make up. So if you buy a single skin, you’ll get 6!

:: Efe


Efe is a tigress, she loves to hunt and can watch her prey patiently, waiting for the right moment to jump on him with fervor, but Efe is also sweet and rich as chocolate  .. and lickable as well.

Being the smallest skinline at PXL Creations  Efe is available in 2 skintones and 24 make ups. New with Efe is the hair option which you’ll find in every skin pack. Efe dark if pretty much inspired after the North African skintones, whilst Efe light tan is more of  what one might call a mulatta or bi-racial colour.

:: Linda (retired)

Linda is  cool and collected. Whenever she enters the room, she catches everyone’s attention. She’s elegant and sophisticate, yet fun to be with. The sparkling lady that lights up every party with her presence.

A smooth sophisticate skin that comes in 4 skintones: Natural, Light Tan, Sun Tan and Tan. There are 7 different eye make ups available for Linda as well as 7 different luscious lips.  The skin is modifiable, so you can tweak it according to your own preferences. In every skin pack you get 3 eye brow variations, dark, blonde and brown that cover however a vast range of hair colours. The brown eyebrows fit the fairer hair colours as well as the ginger and chestnut tones very nicely, whereas the dark eyebrows are a natural match for the brunettes and the raven haired.

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