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The Designer DEV Kit allows skin designers and makeup artists to create custom textures for the SweetLips product.
When you purchase your copy of SweetLips, there is a complimentary Designer DEV Kit included in the box.

The DEV Kit is composed of:

  1. One config notecard called “App.Config” (Full Perm)
  2. One Applier script (Copy & Transfer)

To create your applier, you need to configure the App.Config notecard by entering  the two texture UUID keys:

  • SKIN : Is the base texture
  • LIPS : is the lips texture (useful to add if you want your customers tint the lips with the HUD

Textures are full UVMAP compatible with the default Second Life avatar Head texture. Inside the DEV Kit, I’ve provided  a “Lips Texture Mask” to be used if you want to use to hide extra parts of the face texture (optional).

If you have used The DEV Kit v1.0 and applied the “lip texture mask” it is not guaranteed that this will work with future releases of lips. I suggest you upgrade your DEV Kit to the latest version to cover all future releases.
I suggest you save the SKIN in TGA24bit and the LIPS texture in TGA32bit with transparency to cover the skin part.
Saving in 32bit alpha will allow customers to tint only the visible part (lipstick only). Is very important for transparent textures to use max resolution allowed (1024 x 1024 px) to optimize the borders between texture and transparent part.

For designers:  If you plan to make a texture applier also for lips, it is a good idea to cut the skin, showing only the lips and mouth and save as a transparent png.

If you don’t want to make a lipstick applier, in the App.Config notecard enter the UUID key of a fully transparent texture in the LIPS space to avoid the customer tinting  a non perfect lips face.

Here is an example showing how to save the skin texture part only:


Here an example how to save the lipstick texture in transparent PNG to apply to LIPS parameter:

Photoshop Lips masking



How to setup the applier

  1. Copy and paste the texture UUID keys in the two parameters inside “App.Config” and save the notecard.
    a. If you are a makeup artist and want to make a lips only applier please leave the SKIN parameter empty.
    b. If you are a skin designer put in both parameters (SKIN & LIPS) the texture UUID key.
  2. Create a prim for you applier and drop first the notecard, then the script, you will see that the script load the notecard and if all is ok the notecard is automatically deleted from prim inventory. All the texture UUIDs are saved in memory.
  3. Now wearing the SweetLips attachment and clicking the applier prim you just made, you will see your textures appear on the mesh.
  4. The Applier script automatically check its Next_OWNER permissions to be Copy/No Transfer or NoCopy/Transfer. I made the 2 options in case someone want to create a free distribuable applier.
  5. The Applier script will check during the config loading, that you type valid texture UUID Key and at last one value (SKIN or LIPS) inside the App.Config notecard.

IMPORTANT: SweetLips 02 was created to allow designers more flexibility creating unique lip shapes. To design with SweetLips 02, it is recommended that you create a 32bit png or masked tga that shows the lips only (no skin) to allow customers to tint lips only. If you wish to apply skin only (no lip tinting allowed) then you would use a full transparent texture UUID for the LIPS option in the App.Config notecard). Appliers for created for SweetLips 01 will work for SweetLips 02 only for the skin and not for the lips (only works if lips are png transparency with lips only and no skin in the texture).

* For SweetLips01, be aware that if the lips layer is OFF (use the HUD to re-activate) when you try to apply the lips makeup will not be visible.

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