Fitting Guide

Homedesigner KITDesigners

Suggestions for the best fit of the SweetLips attachment:

1. Resize the mesh to adapt as much as you can to your face, you can use the Mod version for fine tuning and stretch the mesh in one direction only.
2. For best results, use a Sweetlips applier that matches your skin brand (if available)
3. Tweak your shape to better fit the SweetLips. Always make a copy of your shape before editing.
4. Remember that SweetLips must sit on the Second life avatar face, not be embedded in it. They should rest on the face.
Here is a list of baseline shape parameters to start with.
Please don’t forget to copy the mesh lips and your shape before starting any modification.

Lip Width – 0
Lip Fullness – 32
Lip Thickness – 62
Lip Ratio – 38
Mouth Position – 27
Mouth Corner – 32
Lip Cleft Depth – 15
Lip Cleft – 50
Shift Mouth – 50
Chin Angle: 27
Important: These numbers are simply a guideline. Other head slider numbers may affect how the lips fit. Most users will need to make shape adjustments and move the lips up and down to get the best fit.

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