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The default location of the SweetLips HUD is the left side of your screen.
If you attach it and do not see it, you can read these tutorial/help pages to solve your problem: LINK

SweetLips 01 HUD layout


SweetLips 02 HUD layout


PXL preset skin tones are based on the latest full release PXL skin Jade. Other PXL skins with the same tone name may have different face shades so they will not match perfectly with the presets. As we release new skin lines, we will release appliers for the new skin lines.

The generic skin tones are a list of common shading to help customer to find the nearest skin tone to tint for matching every skin color. I did my best to create 18 presets but i cannot cover all possible skin tones on the market, but the tint option can help you to reach a good matching result.

Even if you wear one of my PXL skins and use the right tone applier you may have some slight seams. This is caused by several factors:

  • Mesh lips cannot perfectly match all face shapes (I did my best and I will improve if I find a better solution)
  • The SweetLips attachment is not positioned correctly
  • Graphic settings and Windlight settings are not optimal for mesh attachments (see previous page for info)
  • The preset PXL tones in the HUD come from the Jade skin line. I redo the face shading in every skin line I release. If you are trying to match an older skin, you may need to use the tint selection to achieve the correct tone.
  • With darker skin tones it is more difficult to achieve a seamless look


  1. By clicking this button you will close the SweetLips HUD on the left side of the screen.
  2. By clicking on the gradient color scale you will choose the tinting color
  3. These are tinting storage slot where you can save your tint presets
  4. By clicking P1, P2 or P3 you enable or disable one of the 3 piercings
  5. PXL skin tone presets
  6. By clicking this button you reset the tint selection to full White
  7. The gradient bar can be used to make the tint darker or a different hue
  8. By clicking this button you will send the tint color selected to the skin part only of the mesh lips
  9. By clicking this button you will send the tint color selected to the lips part only of the mesh lips
  10. By clicking this button it is possible to specify the RGB color by typing the 3 values R,G,B into a textbox dialog menu
  11. Generic skin tone preset textures, can be used if you wear a skin brand that does not supply appliers
  12. By choosing a color, clicking this button will tint the piercings.
  13. These are 2 storage color slots for piercings
  14. 3 shades of metal colors for piercings
  15. Resize button to resize the lips attachment (works with noMod version only)
  16. By clicking the HELP button you can read the web support pages for SweetLips
  17. By clicking ON or OFF you will disable or enable the lips face. Keep in mind if you have your lips face disabled (OFF) if you apply any lips makeup to them, will be not visible till you re-enable (ON) the lips.
  18. You can close or open the lips by clicking on the open or close lips button.(SweetLips02 only)
  19. By clicking the “Reset lips” button you remove the lipstick layer, useful in case of SL apha glitches or to remove the applied lisptick texture.



I have included a chat message that says “This applier does not allow you to change the lipstick tint, please contact the applier creator for more info”

If you receive this message it means that the applier designer has used the same texture UUID for the Skin and Lip in the App.Config notecard. For the lipstick to work correctly, the textures must be unique. If a unique texture is not used, the warning message will appear and the lipstick will be disabled to avoid bad tinting. You should contact the applier designer and ask them to visit the PXL Dev Kit page for more information.


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