Blogger Review Policy

Products requests for blog review policy

From time to time, PXL will send out review packages/product samples to bloggers we know/appreciate. If you are given a review package/product sample as a gift, then you are not required/obligated to review the items offered. If you would like to review PXL products and be considered for our team of bloggers, please read the following requirements and expectations:

The minimum requirements to be taken into consideration are:

– Have purchased and.or blogged PXL skins in the past.

– Must be willing to show some loyalty to PXL skins by:

  1. MUST love PXL skins! We want people who are really passionate about wearing our skins!
  2. Be willing to use skin for posts on a regular basis, esp for full skin releases (ie, more than one post for Kate skin line)
  3. Adding PXL Creations to your creator/designer blogroll
  4. Adding the PXL logo to your sponsor section (if you have one) with an SLurl link to the store

– Must be willing to put FULL skin/ product credits and not  just the brand name. For example:

  • [PXL] FAITH LT NE MEB C1 by Hart Larsson  (Brand with SLurl link/Skin Name/ Skin Tone/ Base Type/ Creator)
  • Putting just [PXL]  is not acceptable

–  Items are to be reviewed in a timely fashion. We do understand that situations come up that make it impossible to do this. Please just inform us if this should happen.

– Your pictures must not be pixelated or morphed. They also must be of good size and quality (not


– Your blog is at least 6 months old.

– Must tag (mtetags) your posts

– Your blog is syndicated on SL feeds

– Must add post images to PXL’s Flickr group

–  You MUST be able to discern an original creation from ripped and/or stolen products and refrains from blogging/supporting such work.

Please understand the time and care that goes into creating our products. If you are asking us to give them to you, we will naturally expect that you are willing to put in a significant effort to include quality photo(s) that feature our skin prominently. We also ask that you provide a clear and concise description of the product(s) and all information pertaining to where your readers can purchase them (ie. SLurl).

There are two ways we like our skin to be used for reviews and/or posts:

This means we expect to see a full detailed skin review that is composed of photos, product information and all credits.

This means that the blogger will use our skin in combination with other products (i.e. clothes, accessories, etc.), in order to style her/his avatar for a blog post. High quality photographs are expected to be taken, as well as full credits of all our content that is used.

We also hope that you will help support our brand by adding PXL to your blog roll, liking our Facebook page, adding PXL Creations to your profile, and recommending PXL Creations products in your groups.

Please if possible add PXL store to your picks and not Hide PXL Vip group form your profile.

If you feel that you can accept and fulfill these terms and expectations, please fill out form by CLICKING HERE

We thank you for your interest in PXL skins and look forward to seeing your review/post.

Thank you

**PXL reserves the right to refuse any request without explanation.

Updated 2/24/2015.


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