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Products requests for blog review policy

If you would like to review PXL products and be considered for our team of bloggers, please read the following requirements and expectations:

The minimum requirements to be taken into consideration are:

  1. Your images should be clear and not overly Photoshopped. Photos should be of a good size and represent the PXL Creations brand in a positive fashion.
  2. Items should be reviewed with the full name of the item, the SLURL(main store or event) and the creator name.
  3. Items should be blogged in a timely fashion.  If you are taking a break from blogging, please let us know so that we can ask someone else to do additonal posts.
  4. Use the PXL Creation items in multiple posts. Rotation is fine, but try to use the product for more than one post.
  5. Support the PXL Creations brand by adding a pic to your profile, submitting images to the PXL Creations Flickr group, and promoting PXL in your groups.
  6. Add the PXL Creations blog to your blogroll and/or our logo to your supported brands.
  7. Your photos should be tasteful and appropriate for the items being blogged.
  8. Your blog must be at least 6 months old and syndicated on SL feeds.

Please understand the time and care that goes into creating our products. As a member of the PXL Creations Blogging Team we ask that you  put in a significant effort to include quality photo(s) that feature our skin prominently. We also ask that you provide a clear and concise description of the product(s) and all information pertaining to where your readers can purchase them (ie. SLurl).

If you feel that you can accept and fulfill these terms and expectations, please fill out form by CLICKING HERE 

We thank you for your interest in PXL skins and look forward to seeing your review/post.

Thank you

**PXL reserves the right to refuse any request without explanation.

If you have any inquiries, please contact  Sophie Bouevier – PXL Creations CSR

Updated 3/18/2015.

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