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[PXL] Belleza Venus body appliers

Hello everyone,

i’m happy to let you know that We have released the appliers for Belleza Venus mesh body.
The appliers works with the full Belleza body (body+hands+feet) and works also with the Venus “slinkfit” version that allow you to wear the Venus body and Slink feet and hands.

The following HUD is an example of our Olive tone:

We have released all PXL skin tones appliers so you can use the Venus body with all the PXL tones you prefer.
Venus mesh body and Slink attachments are not included with our HUDs, You need to purchase them directly from their creators.

[PXL Management]

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[PXL] Lolas Tango skin & nipples Appliers


I’ve just released appliers for Lush Tangos mesh breast.
All PXL tones are present.

In each tone you will find:

nr.2 Breast shading (push-up and normal)
nr.2 Nipples dimension (small and big)
for a total of 4 appliers.

The textures are hyper realistic as shown in the untouched picture above.

I only sell texture appliers, not the mesh breasts. To purchase the breasts, please visit:


Hart Larsson

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