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Welcome to the SweetLips support page.

The SweetLips system is composed of:

  • HUD
  • Mesh lips Attachment with teeth and piercing (piercing on SweetLips01 only)
  • Alpha layer tattoo

Inside the Box there are two version of mesh lips:

  • One version MOD without resizer (for pro users)
  • One version NoMod with resizer enabled

I’ve included two versions to allow more advanced users the ability to tweak the mesh lips system using XYZ axis.(rotate, stretch, move up and down) The other version is resizer enabled.

The mesh lips are made to match the Second Life avatar face shape but it is impossible to create something completely seamless because every user has a special shape and features, which is a great thing because our shape is what makes us unique. With SweetLips I’ve tried to make things easier and give the best results, but please note that every user will have to make slight tweaks to either their shape or to the mesh product itself. Please make sure to make a copy of both your shape and the mesh attachment prior to beginning any changes.

I will continue working to find a better way to make the attachment more seamless and will be sending free updates to everyone who has purchased SweetLips, as I keep diligently working on making the product better.

Please take a look at the HUD Help page for more info about HUD functions.

Very important:

To adjust the mesh attachment to your face you need to have at least basic skills on how to edit linked prims (size, stretch & rotation). If you do not have this basic skill please ask a friend for help or watch this nice tutorial. Unfortunately, we cannot do custom fittings.

  • Don’t forget to make a copy of your Sweetlips mesh before any changes. Create a backup or keep the BOXED item (the purchased bag) inside your inventory to grant you the option to return to the original fresh package should you need to.
  • To improve the skin matching I suggest using the CalWL windlight setting. Firestorm and many other viewers include the CalWL setting. If your viewer does not include the CalWL setting, it can be downloaded here: https://app.box.com/shared/t0r5ccmt1hn9grlpf42i
  • Use Mid/High graphic resolution setting, Atmospheric Shaders enabled and Advanced Lighting Model disabled.
  • Please verify also that your Objects & Sculpts LOD is set to 2 or higher.
  • Always demo the product before you purchase to ensure you will be comfortable in fitting this product.


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